Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Environment Select

Last Tuesday evening saw a meeting of the Environment Select Committee.

Items up for discussion included an update on the Binnovation scheme
including details on some forthcoming improvements to some of the recycling
sites within Glossopdale, reports on partnership working, prescribed
processes, the food service plan, arrangements for a forthcoming tour and
details on a partnership with the police over Environmental Enforcement

As highlighted last week the partnership with police will lead to Police
Community Support Officers (PCSO's) been able to issue fines for a number of
issues such as graffiti, littering, dog fouling, fly tipping etc.

Interestingly at the meeting there was a mixed view across the committee
with some members concerned that this may not be the right role for PCSO's,
with concerns that some of the issues they can deal with at a low level now,
they may not be able to deal with in the same way with this additional

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