Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Congestion charge sub committee

Last Thursday evening saw the latest meeting of the Greater Manchester
Congestion Charge Sub Committee.

The meeting that was scheduled so we could check any details prior to our
meeting with officals from the charge scheme reviewed some additional
information on how many people would be effected and what 'destinations'
they were traveling to across Greater Manchester.

The meeting also reviewed a proposed list of questions that we want to
answers to about the scheme covering areas such as how rail services would
be extended, what support there would be providing additional parking
spaces, any improvements to bus services, ticketing arrangments and
clarifying what exemptions and discounts there would be available.

We also started to look at the arrangements for the public meeting that will
take place at the beginning of October at Glossop's Bradbury House for
getting the views of the public, the issue will also get a mention at the
forthcoming round of area forum meetings which are taking place this month.

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