Tuesday, 19 August 2008

What next for the Old Tup

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Since closing down and been boarded up a few weeks ago, there has been
speculation over what the future holds for the Old Tup Pub.

Well towards the end of last week the future seems a little more clear, with
the details of the sale of pub been published showing that it has been de
licensed as a pub, and according to the details from Nolan Redshaw who are
tasked with selling it, it has no option to return to being a pub in the

If you are interested in the pub or perhaps as it's now unlicensed the site,
from the details within the sales materials it would set you back almost
£250,000 and although I'm awaiting clarification from the councils planning
section as to what those uses could be, the sales brochure advises subject
to planning approval the pub could have a number of alternative uses.

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