Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Coming up ...

This Wednesday will see an extra meeting of the Social Inclusion and Community Select Committee which will be looking at the council’s response to the rent service review along with consideration of the council’s response to the recent review by BT on pay phones.

The response to the rent service review is still been considered at Wednesday’s meeting despite the news flagged up by Tom Levitt MP and the Glossop.com website that due to a recent Law Lords review all local boundary reviews been considered by the rent service have been put on hold. This is so that the council can fully respond as soon as the review is back under consideration.

Thursday sees a meeting of the Gamesley and Charlesworth Safer Neighbourhood Team, which this time is meeting at 2.00pm in the Gamesley Residents Association Office on Winster Mews.

Next Monday sees a meeting of the development control committee which amongst other items will consider a controversial application for the development of 20 flats at Lambgates in Hadfield.

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