Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Social inclusion select committee

Last night (Monday) saw a meeting of the Social Inclusion and Community
Select Committee. As flagged up previously the meeting was considering
reports and updates on topics including the report back from the
sub-committee looking into High Peak Community Housing, Post Office
Closures, High Peak Community Safety Partnership, and the establishment of a
designated public places order for Glossop and Gamesley.

The were a number of comments with regards to report back from the High Peak
Community Housing Sub-committee, with my own comments around ensuring that
councillors have sufficient information and involvement to ensure we can
carry out this frontline / community champions role that Councillors are
often advised by Government to be carrying out. The report will now get
feedback from HPCH prior to going for further consideration by the council's
executive in October.

The report on Post Office Closures brought a number of mixed views from
members present with more than one expressing the view the some of the local
retailers involved may well be happy to loose the post office service from
there premises, regardless of the views the local have. In terms of the
council's response to the process the committee requested that prior to
returning a view from that council officers will contact affected ward
councillors prior to responding.

A verbal update was received on the progress of the rent service review,
which is expected to report back with recommendation in early July, with a 6
week consultation period to follow. During which the committee members
requested a special meeting of the committee be held to meet with effected
locals and groups.

The report on establishing a designated public places order for Glossop and
Gamesley was welcomed by all members present with the only concerns from
myself been amending the area covered slightly and from others on the
committee as to why we can't call a blanket order on the whole of the High
Peak. Public consultation will now take place on the order, with the 68
local licensed premises in the area concerned been a particular point of
contact during the process.

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