Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Safer neighbourhood meeting

Last Thursday afternoon saw a meeting of the Gamesley and Charlesworth Safer
Neighbourhood Team.

The meeting brings together the Police and the various agencies that work
together to try and tackle anti social behaviour. The meeting also includes
local residents by way of the neighbourhood watch co-ordinators 5 of which
were in attendance at the meeting.

The meeting noted the success of the summer program which as previously
covered in the local papers and elsewhere had lead to a 80% drop in calls
for service to the Police for anti social behaviour related issues over the

Problems were noted with regards to the CCTV for Winster Mews, which after
almost a year is still waiting for the supplier ASI to fit suitable security
cages for the cameras.

The Police reported on a new initiative they are working on called Gamezone,
which will hopefully run as a diversionary activity on Fridays shortly.

The current progress of ASBO's and acceptable behaviour contracts was noted
along with concerns that some of the conditions on the existing ASBO's have
been breeched meaning that further action and measures to enforce them are
been sought.

The meeting the finished with a video presentation that had been put
together to highlight the role and purpose of the safer neighbourhood teams,
a video that I was assured had not been put together in response to the
recent Police league tables which in my view presented a harsh view of the
performance of the Derbyshire Police service.

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