Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Public Services - educating the next generation

Education was the theme for Thursday with a trip to the University of Derby's Devonshire Campus in Buxton.

The reason for the visit was to speak to a group of around 40 students who
are currently completing the first year of a BTEC national diploma in Uniformed Public Services.

The course which is intended to prepare students for entry into careers in the Uniformed Public Services such as the Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service covers a wide range of areas whilst working to expand the awareness of the students to the role public services play in society along with an understanding of the political and social 'environment' in which the services have to work hopefully fully preparing them for a future career in the public services.

The purpose of my talk to the group was around the selection of candidates for election at the different levels of Government along with an overview of the 'electoral process that candidates go through once they have been selected.

Despite a delayed start due to problems with the fire alarm in the 'dome', and this been one of the first times I done something like this for this age group I think it went quite well, with an interesting range of question coming covering topics as wide apart as votes at 16, to binge drinking and environmental concerns from the students following my talk and the obligatory power point presentation.

As I noted before whilst I have not spoken to a group like this before / in this format I think the talk went ok (at least everyone was still awake at the end !) and it was good to have the opportunity to speak in the spectacular setting of the former Devonshire Hospital now given new life as the University of Derby's Buxton Campus.

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