Monday, 15 October 2007

Blog Action Day 2007

Today is blog action day, and across the world bloggers are uniting to highlight environmental issues, and hopefully as the organisers say get the world talking towards a better future.

To highlight Blog Action Day they are asking people to make a post on their blogs about environmental issues.

As my contribution to the theme I want to highlight two Environmental items one local been worked on by the High Peak Friends of the Earth, and the other been one for ‘audience’ participation.

The proposed Torrs Hydro-Electric scheme in New Mills, is been supported by High Peak Friends of the Earth as a practical step to offer local sources of alternative energy. They recently held an open day to offer further information on the scheme, and the scheme has also recently received planning permission.

For further information on the scheme and the activities of High Peak Friends of the Earth go to there website at :

Last year, Friends of the Earth supported by groups including the Co-operative Bank, ran the big ask campaign to encourage the Government to introduce new laws to tackle climate change by cutting the amount of carbon dioxide on an annual basis.

Over 130,000 people supported the big ask and the Government agreed to introduce a Climate Change Bill.

Well now the big ask is been re-run in order to make the Government ensure that the Climate Change Bill when introduced is a tough law that will allow the UK to play its part in tackling Climate Change and set an example the world can follow.

The way the campaign works is by asking you to contact your MP to make sure the Government does the right thing.

To take part and add your voice to the big ask go to : and follow the instruction to contact your MP, alternatively you can contact High Peak MP Tom Levitt direct, details at

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Liam said...

So what if Tom doesn't agree with my GREEN views on opposing the Longdendale Bypass? Just what on Earth do we do then Mr. McKeown?

FoE are also against the Longdendale Bypass Ant, so what do you have to say for that one?

Something tells me one rule for one...