Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Social inclusion

Last Tuesday saw a meeting of the social inclusion and community select committee.

Amongst the items on the agenda was a presentation from Dr Bruce Laurence of the Derbyshire County PCT on the High Peak Health Profile.

In general terms there was not a lot of 'new information' with the usual statistics that wards such as Gamesley, Hadfield North and New Mills East which have areas of depravation will have a lower life expectancy than better off areas.

However there were a number of interesting overall trends with men in the High Peak likely to live longer lives compared to the national average.

Across the High Peak, smoking still remains the biggest avoidable cause of death, with the area also having a higher than average portion of the population spending time in hospital due to alcohol.

A number of issue's where the Derbyshire PCT have worked with council were highlighted including the need for a similar presentation from the Tameside and Glossop PCT as the Derbyshire PCT dosen't cover Glossopdale, and although Dr Laurence indicated that the two PCT's work well together, that dosen't completely ring true with local experience when in the past the impression has been given that despite the good work of the Tameside and Glossop PCT within Glossopdale they haven't seemed as involved or connected with the council as the predecessor to the Derbyshire wide PCT did.

Other items on the agenda included a report on establishing a 'designated public places order' in Buxton which is effectively a ban on street drinking and powers for the police to confiscate alcohol from persons drinking on the streets in those areas along with 'part 2' (confidential due to issues such as contract negotiations etc) updates on leisure management procurement and Buxton leisure facilities.

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