Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Mass at St Margaret’s

During the summer due to roof repairs at the school, the Saturday evening mass usual held at St Margaret's School has taken place at the Immaculate Conception on the boarders of Charlesworth and Broadbottom.

Well now moves are afoot to permanently move the service away from the school, meaning that aside from any services for the school there will be no regular service for Catholic's within the Gamesley area leaving only alternatives at either the Immaculate Conception, Hadfield or Glossop.

Prior to a final decision been made a survey is been undertaken by the Parish Council to find out the Views of the 'faithful' with a recommendation been made to the Parish Priest at the next meeting in early October.

Survey forms are available from St Margaret's or the Immaculate Conception and if you use or value this service, please let your views be known.

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