Monday, 3 September 2007

Fire Brigade – Regional Control Centre’s

A few week’s ago (click here for the original post) I posted about the hand over of the new regional control centre for the Fire Brigade in the East Midlands and the concerns of the Fire Brigade Union who fear that it could lead to a reduction In service.

Well now (Story from BBC News) further concerns have been highlighted by Dave Green of the Fire Brigade Union with regards to the centre been built on a floodplain, near to the East Midlands Airport, despite the criteria for such centres been not to build either on floodplains or near an airport.

Now obviously given that the centre has been built the centre’s management are advising that the Environment Agency say that there is virtually no risk or one in a thousand year risk of flooding to the centre, but given the flooding that has occurred during the summer in various places across the country including flooding in some places that you consider to have a low risk of flooding. You wouldn’t think that the risk would be taken with a centre that will be supposed to co-ordinate the response to any crisis including flooding that may occur across the East Midlands.

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