Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Woodhead Tunnel

Concerning news with a report that went to last weeks Peak Park planning committee which contained details on the future plans of the national grid with regards to the remaining tunnel.

I say remaining because out of the 3 tunnels that were built the two older tunnels have been used for some time by the national grid to carry electric cables between the North West and Yorkshire, and they now plan to use the remaining '1953' tunnel to do the same thing.

Now whilst this may not appear to be a major problem it would effectively prevent any future chance for the Woodhead line to reopen because of the way that the cables are carried and the national grid requiring instant access for repairs and maintenance.

The report concludes that because of the potential impact to transport plans on both sides of Pennines, the proposals should not be supported and instead referred to the relevant government office where hopefully the proposals can be stopped or at amended to prevent the loss of this potential future transport route.

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