Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Glossopdale Area Forum - Anger from Hadfield

Due to the train breaking down on the way back from Manchester on Thursday evening, I missed the first twenty minutes or so of the Glossopdale Area forum, which was covering the theme of regenerating Hadfield.

Around 130 local residents were in attendance with many of them expressing anger throughout the meeting because of the councils stance on Rossington Park and it's lack of enforcement action on the development/works at Bridge Mills in Tintwistle, particularly after two petitions had been presented.

Added to this was a general feeling that Glossopdale and in particular Hadfield are neglected by the council with most investment going to Buxton.

Other issue's raised included safe pedestrian routes, cars parking on pavements, Station Road, Artificial sports pitch bid, youth facilities including a request for youth shelters.

The meeting finished with a presentation from the Police on the measures the police have been using to tackle anti social behaviour in Hadfield including the dispersal order which is due to come to an end on the 8th August.

Whilst the meeting was well attended by local's (including most of Glossopdales councillors) it did seem to be lacking in the attendance of members of the Council's new Conservative led executive. Who appear to have left the officers of the council to answer the concerns of local residents with only (as far as I could see) the leader of the council in attendance but not speaking (unless he spoke at the start) and the executive members for the Environment (charged with overseeing the Glossopdale Area Forum) and the executive member for Regeneration missing, which is a shame given the number of locals in attendance raising concerns.

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