Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Deputy Leadership

Well after the various weeks of campaigning a new deputy leader has been elected in the form of Harriet Harman, not my first choice and quite possibly not a lot of other people's but with the 'odd' system we use, it tends to see the candidate who has gained the least 'opposition' in the campaign slip through and win.

By least opposition, I mean that during the campaign they have managed to not say or do anything that has polarised people either way and in the case of Harriet Harman even gained the support as a second choice of Jon Cruddas and many of his supporters.

Now whilst my preferred candidate Jon Cruddas didn't win, he did come a creditable third beating a number of 'cabinet' ministers on the way and ensuring that many of the issues he raised during the campaign on both party policy and party organisation will feature near the top of the agenda in the coming months.

The next thing to note of interest now will be Brown's first government cabinet/team in which I hope to see a place for Cruddas along with former minister and Cruddas supporter Tom Watson, and who knows perhaps even a place for local MP Tom Levitt.

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